Clean Room Design & Manufacturing

Dana, benefiting its domestic specialists and experts, foreign consultants and successful experiences, can design and implement clean rooms for pharmaceutical, medical, cosmetic, health and other companies. This can be run in full implementation (Turnkey project), EPS method or in the form of contract management. Our main services are as follows:
– Design and preparation of Conceptual design, Basic design and Detailed design.
– Designing and preparing all technical engineering plans and GMP and obtaining approval from the Food and Drug Administration.
– Preparing URS and purchasing all site construction materials and production equipment from reputable suppliers as well as its documents.
– Executing main structure, clean room structure, HAVC system, SCADA intelligence and controlling (BMS, EMS and monitoring).
– Designing and implementing electrical and mechanical facilities.
– Installing production equipment, water supply system, steel piping, material transmission lines and facilities.
– Validating, preparing and collecting all documents and documents IQ-OQ-PQ.
– Guaranteeing GMP and cooperating with the employer up to three production batches

Some of Dana Farmed ‘s records:
– Managing and implementing part of Iran Koo Barakat vaccine production site
– Implementing clean room and quality control laboratory of Taha Biotech Company completely, with an area of ​​850 square meters (Mashhad, Khorasan Science and Technology Park). This site was supposed to be dedicated medical equipment production.
– Consulting and implementing clean room and quality control laboratory of Protein Research Center (Tehran – Shahid Beheshti University). This site was designed to produce recombinant drugs.
– Consulting and implementing enzyme production site designed to produce industrial enzymes, Protein Research Center (Tehran, Shahid Beheshti University).
– Consulting the implementation of the production site Rahpooyan Fanavar Sadegh Company’s site producing and filling injectable polysaccharide vaccines (Tehran, Pardis Technology Park, in progress)
– Design consulting about the production of recombinant vaccines, Sobhan Biopharma Company (Tehran, Pardis Technology Park).