Technical Consultancy

Dana can provide technical advice to clients in the following areas:

1) Consulting about economic projects and feasibility studies in the fields of pharmaceuticals, medical equipment and biotechnology.
2) Communicating and negotiating with foreign companies for transferring new and state-of-art technology. Dana have established good relations with companies and research centers in different countries. Dana is ready to provide the required knowledge and technology to meet the customers’ needs at the best price. During the technology transfer process, Dana will be actively, responsibly and consistently present with the clients.
3) Supplying industrial and laboratory microbial strains and production technology.
4) Consulting about how to produce fermentation products in various fermentation scale, ranging from 5 to 1000 liters.
5) Consulting about designing and synthesizing genes, selecting vectors and promoters and guide peptides, etc., screening strains, choosing high production strains, optimized culture medium conditions.