Organic fertilizers

Algae full of strength!

For thousands of years, nutrients have continually been leached from the soil and carried out to sea.
There, they provide considerable potential reserves for marine flora and ALGAE.
Because these plants hove to deal with stressful conditions, to survive, they have developed unique internal regulation processes ensuring their balanced growth.
Among the algae, Focus (Ascophyllum Nodosum brown algae) have the ability to extract many chemicals from seawater and accumulate high concentrations in their tissue.

Dana ALG is, a liquid extract obtained from these algae
by hydrolysis.It is a natural organic product whose hydrolysis provides a complex colloidal solution ready to be sprayed onto plants.
– Extremely rich in Iodine and Alginates: surface-active effect.
– Extremely rich in Oligosaccharides: plant elicitor agents.
– Extremely rich in Growth Factors: Indolacetic Acid, ‘Gibberellins, Cytokines, Betaine, Auxins and Amino Acids.

Dana ALG composition in analysis:
Apart from the three basic organic elements (carbon, hydrogen and oxygen) and the main mineral elements (nitrogen, potassium, magnesium, sulfur, iron), standard analysis is as follows:


Despite its many benefits, Dana ALG cannot treat on identified deficiency alone. It may be combined with the different nutrient, enabling absorption, penetration and transport through plant foliage with faster more efficient assimilation.

That is why we offer ready-to-use preparations to treat recognized deficiencies. They are enriched with major elements such as magnesium, and trace elements such as iron, manganese, zinc, molybdenum and boron.

The physiological options of Dana ALG increase plants’ productive potential and are useful in treating them with additional preparations enriched in:

Nitrogen (N),
– Nitrogen + Phosphorus (N+P),
– Nitrogen + Potossium (N+K),
– Nitrogen + Phosphorus + Potossium (N+P+K)
– Phosphorus + Potqssium (P+K).

Recombinant Human Serum Albumin production technology
Human albumin serum (HAS) is secreted by the yeast at high level of expression. In this process, HSA requires more stability during fermentation and downstream processes.
For further information, please contact us.
Recombinant Acetylcholinesterase production technology
Recombinant Drosophila melanogaster acetylcholinesterase is produced extracellularly by Pichia Pastoris. Dana Company has made several mutations through genetic engineering on the mentioned sequence in order to improve its properties. The amount of expression and production is high, and it can be provided in industrial scale.

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Yeast industrial production technology Saccharomyces cerevisiae is a species of yeast (single-celled fungus microorganisms). The species has been instrumental in winemaking, baking, and brewing since ancient times. These days, also, it can be applied in other industries like, food and feed, pharmaceutical etc.

Dana Company, with several years of research on various yeasts, is ready to set up a yeast production line.

Yeast derivatives technology

Dana Co. has the technology to break yeast cell wall and then to produce various yeast based products.  These yeast-derived products can be used as Yeast extract-savory, Human health, Animal nutrition, Plant nutrition.

Recombinant Penicillin amidase production technology
Penicillin G amidase (PGA) (EC is an enzyme applied in the antibiotic production industry. This enzyme has both amidase and acylase activities. PGA catalyzes the reaction of penicillin g to the 6-aminopenicillanate (6-APA).
This reaction is done due to PGA amidase activity. Subsequently, 6-APA is converted to amoxicillin or ampicillin by PGA acylation activity.
PGA can also make a mediator molecule called 7-ADCA from the precursor of Cephosporin G (Ceph G), which is converted to cephalexin by the same enzyme under different conditions:
Todays, antibiotic manufacturers use this enzyme extensively. This enzyme must be fixed on a polymer substrate so that it can be used in reaction tanks for several hundred cycles to produce the product.
Dana has the technology to produce and stabilize this enzyme. For further information, please contact us.